WIAW #2 (Work Edition) & A Recipe

My work schedule has been kind of hectic this past week. 2 twelves-1 off-2 twelves-1 off-2 twelves. It isn’t ideal but it works, and what’s great is that after today I have 4 days off, so I can’t complain. What is hard is that my days off in between aren’t just rest and relax days. These are days that I use to catch up-to work out, run errands, meal prep, enjoy life, etc…I still wake up fairly early because I don’t like to waste these precious days off. Meal prep is something I like to do early to get out of the way because it can get kind of annoying and it takes at least an hour. If I am working two shifts in a row I always prep for both days at once. There are some foods that I consume quite often so I will make bigger batches and freeze them. Examples-chicken breast, sweet potatoes, egg white breakfast sandwiches on lawash wraps, light english muffins, or bread. This saves a lot of time. So for this week’s WIAW Wednesday I’ll show you guys what I prepped on Monday for Tuesday and Wednesday.

Head to Jenn’s blog for more 😉


Breakfasts: easy meals that I can eat in the car on my way to work. (Although I do attempt it sometimes, oatmeal isn’t the easiest meal to consume while driving).

T-Lawash wrap with better n’ pb, which is just an alternative to real peanut butter. I eat real peanut butter, I just love a lot of different spreads. I also had an apple.

picstitch (4)
Always a Gala.

W-Egg white and FF provolone cheese on cinnamon raisin bread (taken from freezer-I microwave it in the morning and it’s perfect). I can’t remember the last time I had this kind of bread but it sounded good and is a nice little exposure. Oikos plain greek yogurt & berries.

picstitch (9)

Lunches:  Sometimes I try to make work lunches more like snacks so I can eat them throughout the day, especially because there are days that I don’t have time to sit down for a full lunch. On these days I’ll eat sporadically and on the fly when I have a few spare minutes.

T-Bag full of goodies (veggies) with hummus, 2 hardboiled egg whites, tuna packet, plain rice cake, kiwi. I never got around to eating that kiwi. It was quite a day at work. Darn shame, it looked good too.

picstitch (5)

W-Turkey salad with balsamic & red wine vinegar, lemon wedges and a (unpictured) pear.

picstitch (6)

Dinners: this is where I could do better. When I am not working I eat dinner at home with my parents so the meal is bigger and higher in calories and other nutrients. I rely on dinner to be my denser/heavier meal but when I am at work it always ends of being a lighter meal. This is my own doing. It’s kind of habit and goes back to my days of living on my own in college. I am also weird in the sense that I don’t like to eat dinner when I get home from work because by the time I get home by 8 pm I am in no mood to eat a heavy meal. I just always have a night snack. I eat my dinner either towards the end of my shift or on my way out of the hospital. Tupperware containers have been lifesavers.

T-“Zoodles” made with my Spirooli, with homemade tomato sauce that a patient actually told me about. This turned out great. I’ll try and post a recipe soon. But it is simply roma tomatoes, sautéed with shallots and chopped garlic, chicken broth and basil. I added diced chicken for protein as well as broccoli. (It was a lot of fun eating this one on my way out of work and in the car. People stared. Oh well).

picstitch (8)

W-Turkey burger that I made on the stove-literally just ground turkey with Mrs. Dash table blend. Plus a diced potato (no sweet potato this time), steamed zucchini and carrots. Hi I am addicted to potatoes.

picstitch (7)
Ketchup will be slathered all over.

Drinks: Coffee, Water with strawberries, cucumber & lemons, and if the craving hits…coke zero. Ooops.

picstitch (2)picstitch (10)

Snacks at night-Tuesday was a quest bar and sugar-free chocolate pudding. Tonight (Wednesday), I’ll see what I feel like having later.

Hey there beautiful.
Hey there beautiful.

These are all pretty typical work meals for me. I probably need to work on increasing my nutrients on work days. I’m not losing out on a huge amount but it is still significant because I am on my feet all day. I do make up for it on my days off though because I always eat a good dinner and I have an extra snack mid-day (usually a piece of fruit or smoothie).

There ya have it, nothing special.

What is special, however, is this recipe. This was breakfast on Monday. Pro-Zoats. If you haven’t heard of this, it’s simple. Oatmeal with shredded zucchini, egg whites, and protein powder. Pro-zoats. It sounds nasty right? Wrong. This is damn good and full of nutrients. I never get tired of veggies so why not add them to breakfast as well?

This is also very easy to make. I adapted this recipe from a lot of different blogs and Instagram profiles. Many recipes for this are floating around. The one I will share is from @Anna_Lifts. Follow her on IG for more awesome and healthy recipes. Here is the basic recipe but with my variations


¼ cup old fashioned oats.

2/3 cup water

Grated Zucchini (unmeasured). I would say maybe ½ cup.

3 TBSP liquid egg whites

¼ scoop Cellucor peanut butter marshmallow whey

5 drops liquid stevia, French vanilla flavored

Toppings: PB2 powdered peanut butter (just another alternative), sliced strawberries


Cook oats and zucchini in water until boiling and water is mostly absorbed. Lower the heat and add in egg whites and stevia. Mix rapidly until fluffy and creamy. I promise the eggs won’t just scramble. You won’t even know the eggs are there. PROMISE.  Add in your protein powder and mix like a mad man or woman. Transfer to pretty bowl and top with desired toppings. Smile because you just made a prize winning bowl of oats and then devour. Now you’ve started your day with a steaming bowl of carbs, protein, AND vegetables. The perfect combo.



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